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Google Amphis

We have over 400 pages of information on our web site and thousands of entries in our forums so the quickest way to find information is to simply google amphis. For example to find out about backups, just google "amphis backups" or to find out about attaching files just google "amphis attach files".

Amphis Customer - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q How can I upgrade to the latest version of Amphis Customer for free ?
A See Upgrade CRM Software

Q How can I record Expenses ?
A You can record general expenses or expenses for a customer or expenses for a customer job. See Recording Expenses

Q How can I view customer data on an iPhone or iPad ?
A You can download and install Amphis Web Demo now for read-only web and mobile access to customer data. We're also working on Amphis Web Customer for read/write access to more of the data in the database - see View Customer Data on an iPhone or iPad

Q How do I delete a Customer Record ?
A Click the Search button and select the Customer Record. select Delete from the Customer menu. See Deleting Customer Records

Q How do I delete an Invoice ?
A Select the Invoice on the Customer History tab. Click Delete History Entry.

Q How do I delete a Customer Note ?
A On the Customer History tab, change the Show Type filter (bottom left) to Show All. Select the Customer Note. Click Delete History Entry.

Q Where can I Download the Templates ?
A If you want to reset all your templates or Download the latest templates, you can do so here.

Q How can I add a Logo to an Email Template ?
A To add a Logo and change the wording of an Email Template, see Add Logo to Email Template.

Amphis Customer Knowledge Base

We are adding answers to many of the questions we are asked to the Amphis Customer CRM - Knowledge Base.

Moving Software to a New PC

Move CRM Software to new PC

Setting up Multiple Users

Multi-User CRM Software

Upgrade to SQL Server

Upgrade to SQL Server for improved scalability and performance

CRM Software Backups

Backing up Data and Documents

Restore Data and Documents from a Backup

How to Add a Logo to Templates

Q Can I add a logo to the templates ?
A yes, please see Add Logo to Invoice Template.

How to Add a Logo to Invoice Templates and other Templates

Screen Resolution and DPI

CRM Font Size and DPI

Q Why don't the buttons and text fit on the forms on my screen ?
A This is caused by the Font Size (DPI) being set to a non-standard setting on your PC. It is easily fixed by Change Font Size (DPI) back to the default setting

CRM Display Resolution

Import your existing Customer Records

Copy existing Customer Records    Import Customer Records from Spreadsheet

CRM Licensing

CRM Licensing

Q Can I transfer a license to a new PC at no extra cost ?
A yes, we cancel the old license and give you a new license string at no extra cost.

Q Can I add more users whenever I like ?
A yes, you can purchase any number of additional licenses any time you like. you can add 1 more or 3 more or whatever you need any time.

Q If I purchase a license do I have to reinstall everything ?
A no, you don't need to reinstall anything. we just send you a license string to fully license the software you've already installed. you get to keep all the customers you've already added (or you can delete them if you prefer) and you keep any templates you have set up.

CRM Software Free Training

60 second CRM Software Training Videos

CRM Software Configuration

CRM Software Configuration - Move Files

Multi-User CRM Software

Share Data and Documents Between Multiple Users   Add User to CRM Software   Connect Client CRM to a new shared folder   Reset Client CRM Configuration   Add additional User to same PC

Q Can multiple users on a network access the same customer database and documents and see each other's changes ?
A yes, see Share Data and Documents Between Multiple Users on a Network.

Q How can I add more Users ?
A See Add CRM Software User.

Q How can I reset the CRM Configuration back to the default ?
A You can replace the Config DB with the default one - see Reset CRM Configuration.

Upgrade to SQL Server Database

Q Does Amphis Customer support SQL Server Express ?
A yes, you can use SQL Server Express at no extra cost - see Upgrade to SQL Server Express.

Access to SQL Server Migration   Troubleshooting SQL Server Migration

Quotes, Invoices, Customer Letters etc

Editing Document Templates   Document Template Tags   Download Document Templates   How can I get back the default Document Templates   Add Items to Parts Database for Itemized Quotes and Invoices   Change Sales Tax settings   Integration with Microsoft Word

Q Are there some other templates as well as the default ones provided ?
A yes, if you don't already have the "blue" and "formal" templates you can download them here.

Q Can I switch off the Default Price and Discount Percent columns in Itemized Invoices ?
A yes, if you go to Options->Preferences and select the Itemized Quote/Invoice tab - see remove Invoice columns.

Q Can I change the column headings in Itemized Invoices ?
A yes, if you go to Options->Preferences and select the Itemized Quote/Invoice tab.

Email Templates

Add Logo to Email Template Create Email Template Example Email Templates

Managing Groups of Customers

CRM Customer Groups

Q How can I see which customers are not assigned to any groups ?
A go to Tools->Maintain Customers. select Customers Not in a Group.

Sending SMS Messages

Sending SMS Messages   SMS Message Configuration   Example SMS Message Configurations   Sending SMS Message Successfully

Integration with Outlook

Integration with Outlook Email, Appointments and Tasks

Integration with Other Packages

Export Customer Records and Invoices to Sage

Custom Reports

Show me 100+ Custom Reports I can use and How to Use Custom Reports

CRM Software Latest Version

Have I got the latest version ?   Upgrade for Free to the Latest Version   Upgrade from Old Version to use New Configuration Database

Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0

Amphis Customer requires the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 to be installed. If you don't have the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 installed, you can download it from here and install it.

Technical Details

Q Where is my CRM software installed ?
A See Where is my CRM Software.
Q Where are my CRM data and documents ?
A See Where are my CRM data and documents.

CRM Technical Details

Customer Support

Customer Support Forums   More Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)