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Invoice and Quote Word Templates for Invoicing Software

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Invoice and Quote Templates

Amphis Customer CRM Software generates Quotes, Invoices, Customer Letters, Reminders, Job Sheets etc as Word documents and there is a Document Template for each type of document - see Editing Templates

The Templates themselves are also Word documents and you can easily Edit the Word Templates to change the wording and layout of documents produced. Just select Tools->Maintain Templates to get to the list of templates you can edit.

New Invoice and Quote Templates

These are some new templates that have recently been added to Amphis Customer. The Blue templates show a separate billing and delivery address. The Formal templates show the Quote or Invoice description as Notes.

Invoice Template

Multiple Templates

Now Amphis Customer supports multiple Quote and Invoice templates, you can choose which template to use when creating a Quote or an Invoice.

Multiple Quote Invoice Templates

Download Templates

If you don't already have these new templates in your version of Amphis Customer, you can download the new templates as zip files below. You can also download the original templates if you want to reset them all back to how you started.

New blue and formal Letter to Customer and Reminder templates are now included in the zip files.

Formal Templates

Download Formal templates zip file

Blue Templates

Download Blue templates zip file

Original Templates

Download Original templates zip file

(The Original templates are the templates that were supplied with Amphis Customer before it supported multiple Quote and Invoice templates. Where there are now multiple Templates, the file has been renamed. For example quote.doc is now original.doc).

How to use the new Templates in Amphis Customer

To use these new templates, go to the Templates folder (from Tools->Folders->View Templates Folder).

Make sure you have a backup of your existing Templates before unzipping the new ones.

Download the Zip files and copy them to that top level Templates folder. Open each zip file and click Extract all files. Specify the location to extract the files as the Templates folder ie Amphis Customer v3.0\templates.

CRM Software Templates

You'll be asked (lots of times) if you want to Merge the existing folders. Click Yes.

As long as you have the latest version of our software (available as a free download for licensed users), you'll then be able to choose which template to use when creating Quotes or Invoices.

If you extract templates that you already have, for example if you already have the Blue templates and you unzip the Blue templates zip file, you'll be asked if you want to overwrite the existing files.

More Information

We have some short CRM Videos about Amphis Customer CRM Software and also a CRM Quick Guide with more details and screenshots. We have Prices, Customer testimonials and CRM Software Case Studies or why not Download our CRM Software Free 60 Day Trial and try it for yourself ?

Download CRM Software Free 60 Day Trial
Download CRM Software Free 60 Day Trial

CRM Case Studies

CRM Case Studies

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