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Download a Free 60 Day Trial of our CRM Software / Contacts Management Software designed to make it easy to manage Contacts, create Quotes, Estimates, Invoices, Customer Letters, Statements, Jobs and Job Sheets, create Reminders to stay organized manage Email, Tasks and Appointments.

You can also download the previous version 3.0.160 here if you prefer.

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Useful Files

If you are upgrading from an older version of Amphis Customer and you don't have the Delivery Note templates you can download the free form one here and the itemised one here. In Amphis Customer if you go to Tools->Folders->View Templates folder. If there isn't already a folder called DeliveryNote, you can create one and then create subfolders freeform and itemised. Then download the templates and put the free form delivery note template in the freeform folder and the itemised delivery note template in the itemised folder.

Delivery Note Templates

Here you'll find some example Email Templates.

These are some new "blue" and "formal" Quote and Invoice Templates you can use if you haven't already got them in your version of Amphis Customer.

This is the Default Configuration File (config.mdb) that is supplied with Amphis Customer in case you want to reset back to the default configuration to access the local database, documents and templates. This can be useful if you have lost access to your shared folder and you want to reset the configuration so you can point to a different shared folder. You'll need to extract the files from the .zip and read the readme.txt file for instructions.

This is the Default XML Configuration File (Amphis Customer.exe.config) that is supplied with Amphis Customer (in a zip file). You shouldn't need to change this file.

This is the latest Purchase Order template that is needed to create Purchase Orders.

This is the latest Purchase Order EMail template that is used when Emailing a Purchase Order to a Supplier.

This is the latest Job Control Sheet template that is needed to Print Jobs.

This is the Envelope template that is needed to Print Envelopes.

We have a free tool you can download here to test connection strings eg for setting up a connection to a SQL Server Database. Just unzip and run the .exe

Database Maintenance Tool

(This product is Free)

Download Free Database Maintenance Tool

Download our Free utility to perform Database Maintenance on the Amphis Customer database file with one click.

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