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CRM Software Benefits

  • uses your local currency and date format
  • you can specify the Sales Taxes to use

CRM Software

Save Time

  • Find Customer Records in seconds
  • create Quotes, Invoices, Customer Letters in seconds
  • attach existing documents eg scanned letters to Customer Records
  • Email Documents eg Quotes as PDF files
  • Send Standard Emails or Standard Email Replies including attachments

Get Organized

  • Customer History details all in one place
  • Create Reminders to call or Email Customers, Create Quotes or Create Invoices etc
  • see at a glance the Tasks you need to perform today and the Appointments
  • quick access to Customer Notes
  • Mail Merge Standard Letters to Customer Groups

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You can view Sales Totals for Sales People.

Salesperson Sales Totals

Increase Sales

  • keep track of key sales leads
  • instant access to most important customers

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Remain In Control

  • easily see which Invoices are Due as well as any Overdue Invoices
  • Create Payment Reminders at the click of a button
  • run Reports eg Overdue Accounts, Monthly Sales Totals etc

Customized To Your Business

  • more than 30 Custom Fields to store information specific to your business
  • simple to change document wording, add business logo etc using Microsoft Word
  • create your own Custom Reports to suit your business requirements

CRM Outlook Integration

  • Import Contacts from Outlook
  • Drag and Drop Emails from Outlook
  • Create Outlook Reminders linked to Customer Records

Monitor Sales People

  • record Salesperson against an Invoice
  • view Sales Totals per Salesperson


  • store Supplier Information
  • record Supplier Invoices

CRM Invoicing Software Features...

  • your local currency and date formats are automatically used
  • you can attach files to Customer History entries eg scanned Letters from the Customer
  • you can specify the relevant Sales Taxes to use
  • the wording and formats / fonts etc used in documents created, are all customizable using standard Microsoft Word facilities
  • you can generate free-form or itemised Quotes and Invoices
  • Customer Details can be Imported from a Spreadsheet
  • Contacts can be Imported from Microsoft Outlook
  • itemised Quotes and Invoices can be generated from an Items/Parts Database
  • Items/Parts can be Imported from a Spreadsheet
  • you can store data specific to your business
  • you can create Reports specific to your business

Advanced CRM Invoicing Software Features...

  • supports Sharing of Customer Data between multiple PCs on a Network
  • supports SQL Server

Amphis Customer CRM Software

Web and Mobile access to your CRM Data

For information on Web and Mobile access to your CRM Data including using iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows Phone and other phones and tablets, see Web and Mobile access to CRM Data.

Web CRM Software

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