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Amphis Customer v3.0

Client Testimonials

We welcome customer feedback and it helps shape the future improvements and enhancements to our CRM software. Here are some of the comments from users of our software.

  • I am SO excited !!! I have run a timber and damp for ten years and have been looking for a CRM system to assist and could find NOTHING that could help us - I came across your system in another companies office - and it looked great - and affordable - this particular user just used it as a database - however, I could see that it had lots of functions. I have downloaded the trial version and an BLOWN away with the EASE of use and also the functions available - I have already linked it to your SMS recommended company - I have added my own templates - uploaded 90 of my most recent files - I am so chuffed there are customisable fields - which I have tweaked !
    South East Timber and Damp Limited

  • Amphis Customer is perfect for our business. Being a small business there is no need for a complex CRM system. Having researched quite a few products we found Amphis Customer that offers just what we need with the facility to adapt/amend to our needs and all for a very good price. The support is fantastic, something which I find is very rare these days. There is always a response and one which is friendly, professional and informative. Thank you, Amphis!
    Becky Freeman
    Administrator for Dr Jo Jones

  • I've tried a lot of this type of software and Amphis Customer is the easiest to use and the best by far. Well done.
    Ray Sutherland
    Capital Energy Solutions

  • I literally spent months identifying , testing and evaluating a vast range of CRM's/ERP's to facilitate our companies expansion and growth programme ... most of which were too complex, had too many additional frills and unneccesary routines for a small to medium sized company. Amphis stands out as a package that works for business ... is easy to manage, install , run and use ... the support is excellent with same day responses .. they handle the questions raised ( and i have asked some really stupid questions) really effectively .. Mansfield Cryogenics Ltd would recommend that anyone looking for a CRM consider Amphis first ... basically it "does what it says on the tin" ...
    Mansfield Cryogenics Ltd

  • Fantastic, straight-forward product to install, set-up and more importantly USE. It has none of the frills, and in my opinion complications of the other CRM products out there. It has the basic CRM functionality that any business requires and is so quick and intuitive to use. Customization is simple and makes it easily adaptable to any business type. Customer Support is head and shoulders above any other software I have dealt with - quick, helpful and very reliable. Keep up the good work!
    Advance Moves

  • Thank you so much! Im so impressed with this product and the customer service is second to none! I will be recommending this product and your company very highly to friends, family and tradesmen i work with. I will also be providing a link from our website to your website.
    Robert Sewell

  • I am more than impressed with Amphis Customer and the customer service that has been provided to me from the very start. From initial enquiries to developing the system for our own personal needs the Support team has always answered any questions quickly and in 'non tech jargon'!! I was recommended the software by a friend and will continue to spread the word. Well done and keep up the good work.
    Jason Tomkins

  • We started our company in 2010 in the midst of the global recession, Amphis Customer became a critical part of our company from the outset and we have enjoyed its ease of use and many time saving features. We would highly recommend the software to other new and existing businesses.
    Anji & Paul Wright - My BodyBoard

  • Your software is a great help and makes life easier.
    Gear Club Ltd

  • I recently purchased your CRM software, and first of all have to tell you I absolutely love it! After searching the internet for many months to find a product to fit my needs, yours seems custom made for me. I especially like having the ability to see the customer total charges and outstanding balances. Your program is unique to the industry as its ease of use makes it effective in the business as well as personal sector. The price is affordable for the self-employed as well, and that is so appreciated. To train employees to use access, paradox, sugar and all the other CRM software is a full time job. With Amphis anyone can jump right in and start using it accurately. Your product is amazing to me! After using Goldmine, Access, Outlook, and downloading several different '30 day try-its' from other companies your products ease of use, and function is fantastic.
    Joan Goppold

  • I am really enjoying using Amphis; congratulations on producing such an intuitive product.
    Ian Williams
    C4 Events

  • Very impressed with Amphis CRM. Excellent value for money compared to the competition and would recommend to anyone as it can be adapted very easily. Customer support standard is excellent.
    Michael O'Boyle
    Kas Metal Trading

  • Best CRM program out there!
    Cody Jackson
    HenDen Earth Stabilization Inc

  • I struggled to find a CRM I liked the feel of. Most were either over complicated or missing things I needed. But I found Amphis Customer and I'm delighted with it. I did need to upgrade my version of office to get it to work, but the support is good too.
    KM Bookkeeping Services

  • I just wanted to give you some feedback on your Amphis CRM. I searched the web for the whole day looking for a system that would help us save time and money when booking travel and weddings in Las Vegas, up till then we had to manually quote each customer that took a lot of time and effort. When I found Amphis and did the download, it was as if someone had made it for us, it took about 2 hours or so to create the quotes and templates and that was it. I cannot recommend Amphis enough it makes life easy and I can now create a quote in under a minute and that includes emailing to the client or printing it out, also the way that you can send emails directly from Amphis makes sure that we always have a record of when quotes were sent or confirmations emailed so there is never any confusion. If you are running a company that needs customer records and/or quotes, invoicing then you should buy this today it saves us more than its entire cost each month
    James Love
    Managing Director
    Your Vegas Wedding & Jimmy Vegas

  • I have been looking for a simple CRM solution that is not cluttered with loads of features I don't need, or that wants you to pay every month a subscription to use the program you have already purchased. Amphis-software has answered my prayers.
    I am also impressed with your customer service both during the evaluation period and after sales
    Well done
    Mick Grantham
    Managing Director
    Creative Ceilings (UK) Ltd

  • When we decided that we needed to use a database to produce quotes, invoices etc. we looked at having one custom built and in fact paid £600 just for a mock-up! The eventual cost was to be over £3,000. Then we came across Amphis which did everything that we require and we purchased 5 licenses for £199. We are now working much more efficiently and frankly we cannot remember how we managed beforehand. Customer support is excellent and Amphis has responded magnificently to all our requests for custom-built reports. I am very pleased to be able to offer Amphis our congratulations on an excellent and very reasonably priced product.
    Tim Laight
    Sky Electrical

  • We purchased this software thanks to how easy it was to use compared to its competitors. Since purchasing the software we have also been very pleased with the after sales service who have gone out of their way to help us.

  • I have tried many CRM software programs but Amphis stood out for its ease of use and super customer service. I have passed your name onto a few of my friends and I know some have changed their customer database programs to Amphis and they love it too.
    John Muir
    Chem-Dry of Edinburgh

  • SCS Environmental Services Ltd trialled many CRM programmes before settling for Amphis Customer. We are very pleased with the way in which it caters for all the needs of a small/medium business in the maintenance field. It is also very simple to reconfigure standard templates to give finished articles a personal touch.
    SCS Environmental Services Ltd

  • Initially we were looking for a software just for the operations department to organise work being sent out to engineers but because the software has a lot more uses to it we are now looking to use Amphis across the whole company. From day one I have received fantastic customer service via email and their online messaging service which is a must for companies that need answers straight away. Another aspect of Amphis which is fantastic is that they manoeuvre the software to your needs, anything you need implementing will get done very quickly and all you need to do is drop an email to them. I have currently purchased 10 Licences and looking forward greatly to how it would work throughout the whole process we undertake.
    Ms Ulfet Jalil
    HR @ Lantei Compliance Services

  • I initially spent the best part of a whole day looking for suitable business software when i stumbled across AMPHIS, initially like all software it looks new and confusing, but after inputting our customer database in and setting up custom templates for documents like invoices, sales letters etc, we were away and flying. We bought 3 licenses for 3 computers and have not looked back since. Thanks to all the helpful guys at AMPHIS, for listening to our thoughts and implementing improvements should we recommend them. Cheers guys!!
    Chris Simpson
    TS Security Solutions Limited

  • I bought your software some time ago and I'm really happy with it.
    NG Technology

  • I bought this program partly because it was cheaper than my MYOB, which would not work properly under Windows 7 (even under XP mode), and which never worked at all with it's Office Link. Probably also as a reaction against MYOB who want $395.00 for an upgrade! Admittedly my MYOB was pretty old but so are lots of other applications I use.
    I tried many programs as a replacement CRM and accounting package and didn't want a high end accounting program, just something that can raise and track invoices and at the same time note customers requests. This one does the job beautifully!
    It's a lot of work changing from one system to another, but I've just completed a real world exercise with Amphis - so far so good - mostly I'm confident that should I need something extra I'll get the assistance I need.

  • We have been using Amphis for a few months and really like how it is working for us.
    REPP Industries Ltd

  • A brilliant piece of software! Invaluable to my business. First class customer support. I have to say that Amphis is essential to my business!
    SL TreeCare Ltd.

  • Professional easy to use product. Fast, friendly professional support.
    Great value.
    Apex Labels

  • Extremely happy with it, it does so much so easily.

  • After a short amount of time learning and using this software, it matches our needs almost like a glove. Along with efficient technical support, This product saved my group countless hours looking for saved files and emails from contacts. Great product!
    Sales/Order Administrator

  • I recently purchased the software and am extremely happy with it, I am recommending it to a friend with a similar company.
    FK Security Systems Ltd

  • Invaluable software! I use 3 languages simultaneously (english, greek, portuguese) in Euros and everything runs smoothly and accurately.
    Just wanted to let you know that i installed 3.0 on my newly formatted computer and basically just copied the 2.5 folder from my backup and it imported everything w/out a glitch.
    Just wanted to say: good job!!!
    Nereus Holidays in Greece

  • Easy to use. Using Amphis Customer makes your business look very professional overnight.
    Living Fire Centre

  • Software does what it says on the tin and has been invaluable in keeping track of customers.
    AA Construction, Spain

  • This is an excellent piece of software because it is very easy and intuitive to use.
    The support provided by Amphis is fast, friendly and very effective.
    Multimedia for Life

  • Great software. I like it.
    I tell you what, I am liking this software more and more that I use it and discover its features. Nice work.
    Cameron Joinery Ltd, London

Here is some of the anonymous feedback received as part of the CRM Awards in the Software Satisfaction Awards 2012 where Amphis Customer reached the Final.

  • We are a media company with an office full of women and we needed a database. I can not tell you how many "free downloads" we tried before we found Amphis Software and by that time we were dispairing of ever finding what we needed. Until Amphis that is.Initial contact (i.e. stupid girlie questions to Amphis) were answered almost immediately, help with download and set up was again almost instant and the software itself has without a doubt changed our working lives and the company. We have an office full of very happy women today and and we can not rate Amphis or it's software highly enough. Not forgetting the price is completely competitive and incredible good value in todays market - there are no negatives to this company or software - you need to buy this today!!!

  • Brilliant value for money its transformed the way we work, it even lets me get home earlier as its cut down my work load.I am a very happy customer.

  • If you ask a question the answer is swift and effective, the forum is really useful and the ease of using Amphis just beats me every time - having used so called bespoke systems at my previous work place Amphis is just so easy to use and does just waht i want - I also really like the way ypu can adapt the templates to reflect my company the way I want it.Excellent

  • This is the product I had spent months looking for without success. Purchase once and the support is tremendous. Extremely quick response to queries, very helpful staff. The software is customizable to rename fields the way we want them displayed and is well structured database from which to create custom reports.Worth every penny and more, I would recommend to anyone.

  • Amphis Customer met the needs of my company and when we had questions about the software, the customer service was prompt in replying to us. Further, the price is ideal for a business of our size, and we look forward to replacing our outdated and unsupportive Avanquest database immediately!

  • An amazing piece of CRM software which was easy to instal, quick to learn and works very effectively in the day-to-day running of my business - a god-send!

  • The program is excellent and meets all our company's contact management needs. In addition, the customer support tops the charts.

  • The best entry level CRM on the market. Exceptionally easy to use and set up.

  • I was looking for a customer contact database that wasn't overcomplicated and full of functionality that a small business would never use, and this is it.

  • Since the software has been running we have had no issues at all, and are extremely happy with the ease of operation and the features which the software provides

  • Amphis Software is complex enough to handle our needs but is simple enough to remain intuitive to use. We particularly like the fact that we pay only once and updates are free and also that we retain our own data.

  • An excellent product and an indispensable business tool.

  • A great database, straightforward to trial, purchase and use.

  • Have only used product for a few weeks, but so far it is excellent. Very functional, easy to use.

  • Very good Company offering an excellent prodcut range and first class support

  • Great CRM software and support!

  • Excellent support and ongoing free upgrades.

  • Very good product and company.

  • Particularly impressed with level of support

  • Very quick to reply to questions.

  • All good so far !!

  • good all round

  • During our use we have some misunderstandings on how to do some things, a simple email and within the hour a response with the solution - excellent customer service

Here is some of the anonymous feedback received as part of the CRM Awards in the Software Satisfaction Awards 2011 where Amphis Customer reached the Final.

  • We feel that we received excellent value for money and fantastic after sales support.Very highly recommended.

  • Amphis has been (and still is) the backbone of my customer interface, dealing with all aspects of my customer quotations, contact details and invoicing.Without it my business would be in very much poorer shape.

  • Outstanding value for money and customer service and backup

  • Excellent customer service from Amphis.. but there's no category in the questionnaire to cover this.

  • By far fantastic value for money in comparison to other CRM programs we looked at.

  • Excellent customer servcie with free, rapid response to queries, and a good take up on requested features. An obvious desire to grow the product in collaberation with its users.

  • Amphis Software is very user friendly, versatile, and simple to use with many and varied uses that suit our business perfectly. After-sales support is both excellent and friendly too, leaving one re-assured help is always at hand.

  • Have recommended Amphis to other companies and I know they have been very happy after purchasing the software.

  • First Class service, very timely response. Support listent to customer needs and implement, test and release changes\fixes very quickly. Can't fault them.

  • A superb program that is easy to use, the customer support is second to none well done Amphis

  • My Wife and I as a small business have found the Amphis Software to be excellent.

  • Very prompt resolution of queries.Software excellent functionality and good value.

  • We found Amphis product and service to be of the highest order.

  • great software and the best back up by far

  • Excellent customer support

  • THe system is easy to use, and helps me keep track of all my customers. without this software would lose track of my customers and lose money. i have also had computer problems and they sent me a new crack code for the new computer with no problems. A+++

  • There have been excellent, when I have emailed they come back to you with in minutes even late at night and over weekends!If only all customer service were like this!

  • Running a construction company in Spain threw up some requierements for functionality not available in the standard Amphis software. Amphis bent over backwards and wrote in the requierements I needed within 2 weeks!!!! Trying getting that from Mr Gates!

  • I am extremely satisfied with all services received. My answers are quickly addressed.

  • Excellent product support and customer support

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