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CRM Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Here we list the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software along with the answers to the questions. We also have hundreds of answers to Support questions in our Support Forums and many answers on our Support page if you scroll down to the FAQ.

Free 60 day trial

How do I start the free 60 day trial ? - Just click the orange Download button above to download the software to your PC. When it finishes downloading, click Run to install the software. We have full details here Download Free Trial

How much does it cost ?

How much does it cost ? - We have full price details here CRM Prices. We provide free support in our forums and free Email Support during the Free 60 day trial and for 3 months afterwards. There are no monthly fees unless you want to optionally pay to continue with Email Support after the 60 day trial and 3 months free Email Support. See CRM Support.

Windows 10

Does Amphis Customer work on Windows 10 ? - Yes, Amphis Customer looks great on Windows 10.

Move to new PC

How to move to a new PC - See Move Amphis Customer to a new PC.

License String

How to get my License String - See How to get my Amphis Customer license string and register the software.


Can I access Amphis Customer on an iPad ? See Access CRM Software using iPad.

Office 365

Does Amphis Customer work with Office 365 ? See CRM Software with Office 365.


Does Amphis Customer run on a Mac ? Amphis Customer runs on Windows but it is possible to run Amphis Customer on a Mac (some of our clients do exactly this) if you use Parallels software to also run Windows on your Mac


How to perform backups and do it automatically ? See How to backup Amphis Customer data and documents. For automated backups you can use Windows Backup facilities in Control Panel or online backup services.

Multiple Users

How to share data and documents between multiple users ? You can store the data and documents in a shared folder on an office network so multiple users can access it at the same time and view each other's changes. See Share CRM Data.

Upgrade to Latest Version

Have I got the latest version of Amphis Customer ? See Latest CRM Software version.

How to upgrade to the latest version of Amphis Customer for free ? See Upgrade CRM Software.


How can I change the options for Customer Statuses and other Lookups ? See Maintain CRM Lookup Data.

Support Forums

We also have hundreds of answers to Support questions in our Support Forums