CRM Software Licensing

CRM Software Licensing Explained

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You can Download a Free 60 Day Trial of our CRM Software from our homepage. This is the fully working software except that it is limited to 60 days and 100 customer records.

If you wish to continue using Amphis Customer CRM Software after the initial 60 day Free Trial, you need to purchase one or more licenses for the software. The licenses can be purchased online Purchase CRM Licenses

How many licenses do I need ?

Each License String requires a 1 User License.

You need one license for each user of the software on each PC they want to use. If you have multiple users and store the database and documents on a separate PC or server, you do not need to purchase a license for that PC if no-one access the Amphis Customer software on that PC.

How to get your license string

When you install the software on a PC, a serial number is automatically created. If you purchase a license and then run Amphis Customer and click the Get License String button or menu to send us your serial number, we will return the corresponding license string once we have received the payment.

Get CRM Software License String

You can also just copy and paste the serial number into an email to us at

You can then click the Register License button and enter the license string to fully license the software.

When you purchase a license you do not need to re-install any software. You keep all the customer records you have created and any templates you have set up. If you want to Delete any test data you can select Delete Customer from the Customer Menu.

Adding more users

You can purchase additional licenses at any time and add users to the software. It is cost-effective to purchase multiple users up front if you know that you will be adding more users later. For price information go to CRM Prices

Moving to a new PC

The licenses are transferable so if you purchase a new PC you don't need to purchase an additional license for the new PC as long as you stop using the software on the old PC. You cannot legally continue to use the software on the old PC if you transfer the license to a new PC.

If you have any problems with Amphis Customer Licensing, please email customer support