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Amphis Customer Source Code - £250.00 GBP

For a limited time you can purchase a copy of the source code for Amphis Customer so you can develop the software for your own use. This does not transfer the copyright in the software. This is the latest source code that was used to build Amphis Customer v3.0.162

The source code will be provided as a single .zip file.

The source code has been developed using the Microsoft C# language and you can work on the software using the free community edition of Microsoft Visual Studio which you can download from Microsoft.

You will need to install Amphis Customer on the PC you want to use to develop the software so that the database and other files are installed.

The price for the copy of the software source files is £250.00 GBP and does not include any support or further instructions and none will be provided.

The source code is purchased AS IS with no warranty or guarantee and no refunds.

Source Files

The source code will be provided as a single .zip file and you can double click on the file and click Extract All to extract all the files to a folder. Before you do that, right click on the zip file and select Properties. On the General tab at the bottom there is a Security message saying this file came from another computer. You will need to tick the Unblock tickbox and click Ok in order to remove the mark of the web on the file. The software will not compile if the mark of the web isn't removed.

The Amphis Customer project contains all the Amphis Customer source code used to produce the latest version of the software v3.0.162. The Amphis Customer Setup project can be ignored as it is no longer compatible with the latest version of Visual Studio. If you open the solution in Visual Studio there will be an error displayed saying that the Amphis Customer Setup project cannot be opened. Just click OK and ignore this message.

A software developer who is familiar with Windows Forms applications developed using C# should have no problem understanding the software.

Purchase Source Files

In order to purchase the source files please email for payment details.

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Download Amphis Customer CRM Software Free 60 Day Trial