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Online Contact Management Software Demo

Web Contact Management Demo

We have developed a simple Amphis Web Demo app you can install and use for free. It connects to your existing Amphis Customer database (as long as you have upgraded to SQL Server - it won't connect to the original Access database) and it provides simple Search functionality and it will display limited Customer Details read-only.

Amphis Web Demo is available now. See Install Amphis Web Demo

If you host Amphis Web Demo on a Windows PC or Web Server with access to your SQL Server database (and you set up the PC so that it is available on a network or on the public internet), you can access the Customer Details from an iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone or from a Windows Desktop or Mac. In fact you can access the software from any device that has a browser and an internet connection.

Hosting Requirements

The Amphis Web Demo software is designed to be hosted on a Windows PC or a Windows Web Server. It doesn't run on Linux.

Amphis Web Demo requires the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 to be installed which means it cannot be run on Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server as these versions of Windows do not support the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.

Amphis Web Demo uses the free Microsoft SQL Server Express or the full version of Microsoft SQL Server for the database. It does not support Microsoft Access or MySQL.

Screen Shots

Amphis Web Demo adapts to the device you are using to access it.

Web CRM Demo

Web CRM Demo iPhone

Web CRM Demo Customer Details

Web CRM Demo Customer Details iPhone

Frequently Asked Questions

Q  When will Amphis Web Demo be available ?
A  Amphis Web Demo v1.0 is available now.

Q  Will Amphis Web Demo run on Linux ?
A  No, Amphis Web Demo will only run on Windows.

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