CRM News and Releases - April 2013

Amphis Customer CRM new releases

These are some of the new features we've added recently Existing licensed users can Upgrade for Free to the latest release v3.0.124 using the latest version v1.3 of the Upgrade Tool. You can see the Release History here  Please note you may be prompted to download and install the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 which Amphis Customer and the Upgrade tool now uses. We hope you like the new features.

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Essential Database Maintenance

All databases require regular maintenance and the Amphis Customer database is no exception. We have created a new Database Maintenance App you can use which just requires you to Click One Button so there is no excuse not to run it on a regular basis. You can download it here.

Please note that none of your data is stored on our servers. It is all stored on your PCs or servers so please remember to make regular backups. See CRM Backups.

What's coming next ?

We are currently working on new Web applications to enable browser access to customer data from various devices and from different locations - see Web CRM and Contact Management. We will provide more information on this as we develop the software.

Upgrade to SQL Server Express

We are big fans of Microsoft SQL Server Express 2012 and we strongly suggest you consider upgrading (for free) the supplied customer.mdb database file to a SQL Server Express database - see SQL Server Express. SQL Server Express 2012 provides better performance, scalability and reliability than Microsoft Access especially as the number of users and the size of the database increases - see Reasons to Upgrade. All the new Web Applications we are developing will use Microsoft SQL Server Express 2012.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q How do I move the software to a new PC ?
A We have full instructions here

Online Support

We have a great deal of Online Support available here

Tutorial Videos

We have some short video tutorials available here
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