CRM News and Releases - Nov 2012

Amphis Customer CRM new releases

These are some of the new features we've added recently
  • Support for Windows 8 Pro (not Windows 8 RT)
  • Improvements to Appointments View
  • Support for VOIP SIP phones and voipfone
  • Attach File button
Existing licensed users can Upgrade for Free to the latest release v3.0.86 using the latest version v1.3 of the Upgrade Tool. Please note you may be prompted to download and install the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 which Amphis Customer and the Upgrade tool now uses. We hope you like the new features.

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Windows 8

In order to support Windows 8 Pro, Amphis Customer has been upgraded to use the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 so you may be prompted to download and install the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 when you install Amphis Customer or when you install the new version of the Upgrade tool. Please note that on Windows XP, you may need to install Windows XP Service Pack 3 in order to be able to install Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0.

Software Satisfaction Awards 2012

Thank you for voting for us in the Software Satisfaction Awards 2012. We reached the Final again this year and this time we came 3rd. Thank you for your continued support.

Web Access to Customer Data

We are developing new software applications to enable browser access to customer data from various devices and from different locations. We will provide more information on this as we develop the software.


Please remember that none of your data is stored on our servers. It is all on your disks so please remember to back up your database, documents and templates on a regular basis, at least once per day. Otherwise if your disk crashes or a virus wipes your disk you will lose all your customer data. We have some information on which files to back up here

Custom Reports

We have over 100 example custom reports you can use with Amphis Customer. To see how to use them, look here You can find the custom reports in our forums here.

Online Support

We have a great deal of Online Support available here

Step by Step Instructions

We have some new Step by Step Instructions available here

Tutorial Videos

We have some short video tutorials available here

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