Install Free Web Contact Management Software Demo

Install Online Contact Management Software Demo

Install Web Contact Management Demo

Amphis Web Demo is a simple web application you can install and use for free. It connects to your existing Amphis Customer database (as long as you have upgraded to SQL Server (see Upgrade to SQL Server) - it won't connect to the original Access database). It provides simple Search functionality and it will display limited Customer Details read-only.

Web CRM Demo

If you host Amphis Web Demo on a Windows PC or Web Server with access to your SQL Server database and you set up the PC so that it is available on your network or on the public internet, you can access the Customer Details from an iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone or from a Windows Desktop or Mac. In fact you can access the software from any device that has a browser and an internet connection.

IT Support Needed

Please note that installing a web application on Windows requires some knowledge of Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). The Amphis Web Demo application needs to be configured (by editing the web.config file - see below) with a suitable server name, username and password to access your Amphis Customer SQL Server database. If you intend to access the software over a network or over the internet, you may need to change Firewall or Network settings and you need to be aware of the Security implications of making these changes. The Amphis Web Demo doesn't requires users to login. If you wish to add a level of security we suggest you add Basic Authentication and use SSL. We recommend that you seek help from an IT Professional who is familiar with IIS, SQL Server, Networking and Security and who understands all of the above.

Hosting Requirements

The Amphis Web Demo software is designed to be hosted on a Windows PC or a Windows Web Server and it requires the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 to be installed which means it cannot be run on Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server. It will not run on Linux.

Internet Information Services

Internet Information Services must be enabled from Control Panel->Programs->Turn Windows features on or off. You can run Internet Information Services from Control Panel->System and Security->Administrative Tools->Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

Deployment Files

The file to deploy is which you can download from CRM Demo Deployment Zip File

Where To Install ?

You can install Amphis Web Demo on your PC or Laptop to try it out but if you want multiple users to be able to access it then you would normally install it on a Windows Server. Amphis Web Demo is server software and doesn't need to be installed on each client. The clients access the software through a web browser.

Backup Your SQL Server Database

Important: We recommend making a backup of your Amphis Customer SQL Server database before installing Amphis Web Demo.

Installation Instructions

(Please note that the following instructions are intended for someone who is familiar with IIS and SQL Server. We recommend that you consult an IT Professional to install and configure Amphis Web Demo).

Download the zip file to your desktop. Go to c:\inetpub\wwwroot - if this directory doesn't exist then Internet Information Services (IIS) has not been enabled.

Create a new folder called CRMDemo. Copy into that folder and unzip into the C:\inetpub\wwwroot\CRMDemo folder. The folder should now look like this.

CRM Demo Folder

In IIS Manager, right-click on the Default Web Site and click Add Application.

Web CRM Demo Install

Enter CRMDemo as the alias and specify the physical path as below. Click OK.

Web CRM Demo Add Application

Now click on the CRM Demo app, click the Content View tab at the bottom and right-click on test.htm and select Browse.

Web CRM Demo Test

You should see this test page which shows that IIS is working.

Web CRM Demo Test Page

Now you need to edit the Web.config file in the CRMDemo folder using notepad to set up the connection string to your SQL Server database.

You will see the connection string near the top of the file.

Web CRM Demo SQL Connection

We recommend making a copy of the Web.config file before editing it.

In the connectionString part there are 4 separate components that you need to edit highlighted in bold below.

Server=.\SQLEXPRESS;Database=customer;user id=fred;password=password;

Unless you changed the name of your SQL Server database to something other than customer you can leave the Database set to customer.

The Server setting can be set to the same setting you use to access SQL Server from Amphis Customer. For example if you are using SQL Server Express on Server1, it would be set to Server=Server1\SQLEXPRESS whereas if you are connecting to SQL Server Express on the same PC you could use Server=.\SQLEXPRESS

You will need a valid user id and password that can be used to access your SQL Server database. We have information here that may help. You will need to use SQL Authentication and create a SQL Login.

When you have edited and saved the Web.config file, right-click on test.htm again and select Browse. Then change the url in the browser and remove test.htm from the end of the url and press return. You should now see Amphis Web Demo running.

Web CRM Demo Installed

If you click Search you should see a list of your customer records. If there is a problem you may see an error message. If so, go to http://localhost/CRMDemo/trace.axd and there may be an indication as to what the problem is. The most likely cause is that there is a problem with the connection string or the access to the SQL Server database. Check that you can log into SQL Server Management Studio using the server name, user id and password you are using with authentication set to SQL Server Authentication.

SQL Server Connection

Consult your IT Professional if you need help setting up access to SQL Server.

The url to access Amphis Web Demo from this PC is http://localhost/CRMDemo

To access Amphis Web Demo from another device you may be able to use the IP address instead of localhost. Consult your IT Professional for setting up access to Amphis Web Demo over a network or over the internet.

Amphis Web Customer

We are currently developing Amphis Web Customer to provide read and write access to more of the data in your Amphis Customer SQL Server database. See Web CRM Software