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Create Product List for Itemized Quotes and Invoices

Create a Product List Step By Step

Here are some step by step instructions for creating a list of Products you can use in Itemized Quotes and Invoices.

  • Go to Tools->Maintain Products/Services.
  • Here you can create Products or Services and Categories manually or you can Import them from a CSV file.

Product Categories

  • You can create Categories for your Products or you can store them all in the default Category called General. You can create Categories manually by clicking Create New Category or you can enter new Categories in a CSV file and the Categories will automatically be created when you Import the Products.
  • If you only want to Create Products manually, skip this section and go straight to Create Products Manually.

Import Products from CSV File

  • Click Import From CSV File.
  • Click Create blank CSV file. This creates and displays a CSV file with the column headers created so you can enter Product or Service details.
  • For each item you can enter a Category, a unique Item Number and a Description. The Cost Price is optional and you can leave it blank, but if you enter the Cost Price you can later obtain profit per item information.
  • You need to enter a Unit Price and then specify which Sales Taxes apply to this item. There will be a Sales Tax column for each Sales Tax you specified during Setup. You can change the Sales Taxes any time by going into Options->Setup. For each Sales Tax column just enter TRUE if the Sales Tax applies to this Item and FALSE if it doesn't.
  • Save the CSV File somewhere convenient where you can easily find it again, perhaps on your Desktop. Be sure to save it as type csv file not xls or xlsx.
  • If you see a message about keeping the workback in this format, click Yes.
  • Click Import Products and browse to the location where you saved your Products CSV file. Click Open/OK.
  • You will see a message telling you how many records have been inserted and how many have been updated. If these are all new Products you are adding, then it will all be Inserts, but if you are updating existing Products then you will see Updates.
  • When Importing Products, Amphis Customer uses the Item Number to determine if this is a new Product or an update to an existing Product.
  • If there are any validation errors, you will see a message highlighting the problem. For example you may have entered an invalid price.

Create Products Manually

  • You can also Create Products manually. Just click Create New Item, select the Category and enter a unique Item Code plus a Description, the Cost Price (optional) and the Unit Price. You should see a checkbox for each Sales Tax you specified during Setup. You need to tick which Sales Tax(es) applies to this Item you are creating. Click OK.
  • Click the relevant Category in the Browse tab to see the new Item that has been added.

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