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Create and Use Custom Fields Step By Step

Here are some step by step instructions for creating Custom Fields and using them in Documents.

  • Edit a Customer Record (make a note of the Customer Id) and click on the Custom Tab. This is how the Custom Tab looks by default but you can customize it. You can change the name of the tab to something other than Custom. You can change the label in the top left corner and you can change every label you see that starts with Custom. You can also choose not to display specific Custom fields, or not to display the Custom tab at all.
  • Click the customize button at the top right.
  • Change the Tab Display to Car.
  • Change Page Display to Car Details.
  • Change the first label (Display Custom Text1) to Make:
  • Change the second label (Display Custom Text2) to Model:
  • Change the third label (Display Custom Text3) to Year:
  • Untick all the Display Custom Text checkboxes except for those first three.
  • Click OK.
  • The Custom tab will be called Car after you next restart Amphis Customer.
  • The label at the top is now Car Details. There are only 3 fields labelled Make, Model and Year.
  • Enter Audi, R8 and 2012 in the 3 text boxes. Click OK.
  • Go to Tools->Maintain Templates. Select the Document Type as Letter to Customer. Select Letter.doc. Click Edit Template.
  • Just above
    Dear <!name!>
    add the following :-
    Make: <!custom1!>
    Model: <!custom2!>
    Year: <!custom3!>
  • This adds the 3 custom fields to a Document Template so the specific values of those fields can be included in a Document for a Specific Customer.
  • Save and Close the Document. Close the form.
  • Edit the same Customer Record as before. Click on the Customer History tab. On the right-hand side, select the Document Type as Letter to customer and click Create Document. Click OK.
  • A letter is displayed in Word with the Custom Fields Make, Model and Year shown with the specific values for this customer.

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