CRM Invoicing Software - Release Notes 3.0.75

CRM Invoicing Software Release Notes 3.0.75 - June 2012

These are the release notes for Amphis Customer v3.0.75.

Please read this information before upgrading to v3.0.75.

v3.0.75 Supports discounts per Quote or Invoice Line (for Itemized Quotes and Invoices) which enables you to give, say, a 10% discount for one item, a 7.5% discount for another item, and no discount at all for the other items.

When an Itemized Quote or Invoice is created, by default it will contain 2 new columns, Default Price and Discount Percent. The Default Price column shows the default price for an item which is the Unit Price you entered for the item when you created it. The Discount Percent column shows the percentage discount if you entered one when you added the item to the Invoice or Quote. The Quote or Invoice will still show the Unit Price and Quantity and Price per Invoice/Quote Line as before.

If you don't want to display the 2 new columns, simply go to Options->Preferences and go to the Itemized Quote/Invoice tab and unselect the checkbox.

Invoicing Software Preferences

Also on this tab you can change the column header text.

If you are upgrading to v3.0.75 from an earlier version, your Itemized Quote and Itemized Invoice templates will not contain the 2 new columns. Amphis Customer will automatically add 2 extra columns to your Itemized Quotes and Invoices by duplicating 2 existing columns from your templates. If you want to have fine control over individual columns, you can, if you prefer, manually add 2 extra columns to your Itemized Quote and Invoice templates. This would allow you to keep fine contol over column widths for example for individual columns.

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