CRM Invoicing Software - Release 3.0.75

CRM Invoicing Software Release 3.0.75 - June 2012

There is a new release of Amphis Customer CRM Invoicing Software available. This release is version 3.0 build 75.

These are the new features that are in v3.0.75.

  • 2 new columns are added to Itemized Quotes and Invoices to show the Default Price (which is the price specified when you added the Product to the database) and Discount Percent which is the discount (if any) you specified when adding the Product to the Invoice or Quote. If you don't want to display these new columns you can switch them off in Options->Preferences if you go to the Itemized Quote/Invoice tab.
  • In Options->Preferences on the Itemized Quote/Invoice tab, you can change the column headers displayed on the Itemized Quotes and Invoices eg change Quantity to Qty.

As always, new releases of Amphis Customer CRM Invoicing Software are FREE for licensed users. There is no charge for upgrades.

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