CRM Invoicing Software - Release 3.0.68

CRM Invoicing Software Release 3.0.68 - April 2012

There is a new release of Amphis Customer CRM Invoicing Software available. This release is version 3.0 build 68.

These are the new features that are in v3.0.68.

  • New template tag <!nameandcompany!> has been added which can be used to replace the existing <!name!> and <!companyname!> tags in document templates. The problem with the existing <!name!> and <!companyname!> tags was that if the customer did not have a company name, you could end up with a blank line between the customer name and the customer address. The new template tag eliminates the blank line.

  • New Statement option on Customer Account screen prints statement of only unpaid Invoices.

  • Maintain Templates screen now enables additional Reminder templates to be created eg for having several levels of Payment Reminder from a polite payment reminder to one threatening legal action.

As always, new releases of Amphis Customer CRM Invoicing Software are FREE for licensed users. There is no charge for upgrades.

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