CRM Invoicing Software - Release 3.0.42

CRM Invoicing Software Release 3.0.42 - February 2011

There is a new release of Amphis Customer CRM Invoicing Software available. This release is version 3.0 build 42.

These are the new features that are in v3.0.42.

  • Some access control features have been added so it is possible to limit the functionality available in the UI for a specific user (From Options->Access Control). More access control functionality will be added in future releases.
  • Improved handling of Exchange Email addresses and Emails dragged and dropped from Sent Items.
  • A message is displayed to the user (on Windows 7) if they have Large Fonts selected (125% or 150%) as this may cause the text, fields and buttons to not display correctly. This can be corrected by the user if they change the fonts back to normal size (100%) in Control Panel->Appearance and Personalization->Display (Adjust Font Size - DPI).
  • A confirmation pop-up has been added to Email Merge to check that the user is happy to go ahead with the Email Merge.

As always, new releases of Amphis Customer CRM Invoicing Software are FREE for licensed users. There is no charge for upgrades.

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