CRM Invoicing Software - Release 3.0.27

CRM Invoicing Software Release 3.0.27 - December 2010

There is a new release of Amphis Customer CRM Invoicing Software available. This release is version 3.0 build 27.

These are the new features that are in v3.0.27.

  • now supports Jobs so you can create multiple Jobs per customer and assign quotes, invoices, receipt, letters etc to individual Jobs as well as maintaining the status of Jobs.
  • now supports VoIP including Skype so you can just click a button next to a telephone number to call or SMS a customer.
  • you can now assign a task to someone else when you create it.
  • when creating an Email, the window is now modeless so you can continue doing something else if you wish and then send the Email later.
  • better support for Exchange Email addresses.
  • you can now store the cost price of a product as well as the selling price so it is possible to determine the profit per product.

As always, new releases of Amphis Customer CRM Invoicing Software are FREE for licensed users. There is no charge for upgrades.

To download a Free 30 day trial of the current version, you can click the Download button below.

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