CRM Invoicing Software - Release 3.0.160

CRM Invoicing Software Release 3.0.160

There is a new release of Amphis Customer CRM Invoicing Software available. This release is version 3.0 build 160.

These are the new features that are in v3.0.160.

  • New Licensing form on the Customer Support menu which shows the licenses which are currently in use.

  • When dragging and dropping an email into Amphis Customer from Outlook, it no longer complains if there is already an email with the same subject.

New Version v3 of Amphis Customer Upgrade Tool Required

Please note that to upgrade from an earlier version to v3.0.160 requires a new version of the Upgrade Tool to be downloaded. See Upgrade CRM Software

Web and Mobile Access

For information on Web and Mobile access to data in the Amphis Customer database see Web Access to CRM Data

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Invoicing Software Free Trial

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