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Amphis Web Customer

We're working on Amphis Web Customer which is designed to be used alongside Amphis Customer and designed to provide Web and Mobile access to customer data from the existing Amphis Customer database. Please note that the existing Amphis Customer database (customer.mdb) will need to be upgraded (for free) to use the free version of Microsoft SQL Server called SQL Server Express (or the full paid version of SQL Server if you prefer) in order to be used with Amphis Web Customer - see Upgrade Access to SQL Server

These are some early prototype screenshots on desktop and mobile browsers.

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Amphis Web Customer is designed to be hosted on a Windows PC or Server and designed to provide access from any device with an Internet connection including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, other tablets and mobile devices (subject to the Windows PC or Server where Amphis Web Customer is installed being available on the public internet).

Amphis Web Demo - AVAILABLE NOW

We have developed a simple free working demo called Amphis Web Demo which is now available to download and install to connect to your existing Amphis Customer SQL Server database.

This provides Search functionality and read-only access to Customer Details from an iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Desktop PC or Mac.

It is also a useful check that your computer systems or your web hosting are suitably set up to run the full Amphis Web Customer and other Web Software we are developing. See Amphis Web Demo for more details.

Web CRM Demo

More Information

We'll provide more information and screen shots as the work progresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q  When will Amphis Web Customer be available ?
A  Sorry, at this stage, we don't yet have a release date.

Q  Is Amphis Web Customer a free upgrade to Amphis Customer ?
A  No, Amphis Web Customer is a separate product.

Q  Will Amphis Web Customer run on Linux ?
A  No, Amphis Web Customer will only run on Windows.

Q  Will there be a monthly fee ?
A  No, we won't be charging monthly fees for our web software.

Q  Is Amphis Web Customer an iPhone app ?
A  No, Amphis Web Customer is server software that you need to install and run on a Windows PC or Server and it enables browser access to your customer data.

Q  Will I be able to access Amphis Web Customer from an iPhone ?
A  If the Windows PC or Server where you installed Amphis Web Customer is available on the public internet, then you should be able to access the software from any device with a browser and an internet connection. If the Windows PC or Server is not available on the public internet then you'd only be able to access the software via PCs and devices connected to the local network.

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