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How to Upgrade CRM Software Configuration if you see 'Config DB Missing' message

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Download CRM Software Free 60 day Trial

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Amphis Customer stores configuration information regarding where the database (customer.mdb), the Documents folder, Templates folder, Exports folder and Reports folder are stored.

Prior to release v3.0.45 the Amphis Customer configuration was stored in the XML config file amphis customer.exe.config but many clients had problems when trying to update this file to change the configuration because of problems with the permissions for this file as it is stored in the Program Files location, and clients also had problems getting the syntax correct and so we moved the configuration to a new Access database file (config.mdb) which can be maintained from within Amphis Customer from Tools->Configuration.

If you run Amphis Customer and on the Tools->Configuration Page you see a message like 'Config DB missing so using Config XML file' then that indicates that you are running a newer version of the software but the new config.mdb file is missing. If you click the View Config DB Folder button on the Tools->Configuration page, that shows you the location where the config.mdb needs to be copied.

CRM Software Configuration

The config.mdb file needs to be present on each client PC in the standard 'data folder' location. In a multi-user setup, the file will be exactly the same on each client PC so if you already have one PC set up and successfully accessing the database and documents/templates from a shared folder, you can copy the config.mdb file from that PC to other PCs that you set up.

If you have another PC already set up using a config.mdb file, you can simply copy the file from that PC to this PC's Config DB Folder location and restart Amphis Customer and this PC will use that same configuration.

If you don't have a config.mdb file you can copy, you can download a blank config.mdb file from our Downloads page. You'll find the link under Useful Files and it's called Default Configuration File. The file is a .zip file and you need to download it to your PC, extract the config.mdb file from the .zip file and copy it to the Config DB Folder. Then you need to restart Amphis Customer.

Having copied the config.mdb file to the Config DB Folder, you can then go to Tools->Configuration and click the Change button to change the location that the software looks in for the Database file (customer.mdb). Similarly you can click Change to change the location where the software looks for the Documents and Templates folders.

You can use the Test connection and Test permissions buttons to check that this PC can successfully access the files from the new location.

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Download CRM Software Free 60 Day Trial
Download CRM Software Free 60 Day Trial