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CRM Invoicing Software Release History

These are some of the releases of Amphis Customer CRM Invoicing Software.

Release History

v3.0.160 Dec 2015 - New Licensing form showing licenses in use.
v3.0.158 Aug 2015 - 'Powered by Amphis' logo removed from Emails.
v3.0.157 May 2015 - Supports specifying, when creating a Job, whether an Outlook Appointment Reminder is required.
v3.0.156 May 2015 - New Print Job Sheet button on Jobs forms - Custom 10 field automatically resizes.
v3.0.153 Apr 2015 - New Appointments Reminders form (Mail Merge Menu) - New Preferences for swapping First Name/Last Name.
v3.0.152 Apr 2015 - Enhanced support for Twilio.
v3.0.150 Feb 2015 - New Preferences for Sales Taxes for Labour Charges.
v3.0.149 Jan 2015 - New Purchase Orders menu.
v3.0.148 Oct 2014 - Support for Delivery Notes and additional Job Preferences.
v3.0.147 Sept 2014 - Support for sending SMS Messages using Twilio.
v3.0.146 Aug 2014 - Support for creating Expenses for a Customer that are not related to a Job. New Supplier Invoices (Expenses) reports on the Reports menu.
v3.0.145 July 2014 - Support for <!emailwork!> and <!emailhome!> tags in Job Sheets. Support for printing up to 4000 characters for custom10 field on Custom tab.
v3.0.144 April 2014 - Support for Custom Field Search and Checking for Duplicate Customer Records.
v3.0.142 Mar 2014 - Support for Appointments Week View and Next/Previous Week buttons.
v3.0.140 Mar 2014 - Support for all Customer Custom fields in Job Sheets.
v3.0.139 Feb 2014 - Help File improvements - support for printing up to 2000 characters for Custom10 field.
v3.0.138 Feb 2014 - Appointments (including those for Jobs) can be created in Outlook Shared Calendars.
v3.0.136 Feb 2014 - new tickboxes for each Sales Tax setting for free-form Quotes and Invoices and Supplier Invoices.
v3.0.135 Feb 2014 - new Search Jobs form to enable searching by Job name, description, status or Job number
v3.0.134 Jan 2014 - new Job Status and Start Date filters on Maintain Jobs form
v3.0.133 Jan 2014 - new View Current Jobs form, Job Sheet custom1 and custom2 fields can be edited in Options->Preferences
v3.0.132 Jan 2014 - customer custom field template tags added to Job Control Sheets, export search results to CSV file, new preference for not creating new contacts from Email CC or BCC list
v3.0.131 Sept 2013 - FaxHome and FaxWork template tags added to Job Control Sheets, software version and build added to main form
v3.0.130 Sept 2013 - More options for recurring appointments eg 3 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks etc
v3.0.129 May 2013 - New email address tags
v3.0.128 May 2013 - Can import all 28 Custom fields
v3.0.127 Apr 2013 - New right-click menu to Email a Job Control Sheet to Engineers or other People stored in the database
v3.0.126 Apr 2013 - Job Control Sheets now stored in the Customer History
v3.0.125 Apr 2013 - improved validation for Web Site Integration CreateUser emails
v3.0.124 Apr 2013 - new Customer Reminders report and @website email tag
v3.0.122 Mar 2013 - new Customer Created reports
v3.0.121 Mar 2013 - import suppliers from CSV file, more dropdown menus and date pickers supported on the Custom tab
v3.0.120 Mar 2013 - new SMS Appointment Reminder template
v3.0.118 Mar 2013 - Appointment Reminder Emails and Appointment Reminder SMS Messages. Easier configuration change to use SQL Server
v3.0.117 Mar 2013 - Dropdown menus and Date pickers on the Custom tab
v3.0.116 Mar 2013 - Access Control functionality
v3.0.115 Mar 2013 - Import Customer Records into selected Group
v3.0.114 Mar 2013 - Web site signups integration. Access Control now supports Custom tab
v3.0.113 Mar 2013 - Can create an Appointment Reminder Letter.
v3.0.107 Mar 2013 - Can assign Reminders to a specific person and view Reminders for a selected person or for All Persons on the Today View
v3.0.106 Feb 2013 - Can view Tasks for a selected person or for All Persons from the Tasks menu.
v3.0.105 Feb 2013 - Can assign appointments to one or more people and view appointments for a selected person or for All Persons
v3.0.104 Feb 2013 - Support for new Job fields and a new Job Sheet template
v3.0.102 Feb 2013 - Support for Importing Notes. Email Merge and Export to MailChimp includes email addresses for Additional Contacts
v3.0.101 Feb 2013 - Support for Purchase Orders.
v3.0.100 Jan 2013 - Makes Appointments optional when creating or editing a Job.
v3.0.99 Jan 2013 - Recurring Appointments and Outstanding Invoices report.
v3.0.97 Jan 2013 - New Job template tags for Job Name and Job Number.
v3.0.94 Jan 2013 - Can assign Job number to Tasks and Appointments.
v3.0.93 Jan 2013 - You can set the Next Job Number to use from Options->Setup Page 4.
v3.0.92 Jan 2013 - Support for multiple Quote and Invoice Templates.
v3.0.90 Dec 2012 - Create documents for the additional contacts.
v3.0.89 Dec 2012 - Unlimited Contacts per Customer.
v3.0.88 Nov 2012 - Assign a Job to specific people.
v3.0.86 Nov 2012 - Support for Windows 8 Pro.
v3.0.85 Oct 2012 - Appointments View - double-click to view/edit Appointment. Click from there to get to Customer Record or Job.
v3.0.84 Sept 2012 - Appointments View - each appointment on separate line. double-click to view customer record
v3.0.83 Sept 2012 - Appointments View resizes with the form.
v3.0.81 Sept 2012 - New Invoice from Job button, Support for VoIP SIP Phones.
v3.0.80 Aug 2012 - New Attach File button, Save Settings and Load Settings buttons when Importing Customers.
v3.0.76 Jul 2012 - Bugfix to remove pop-up message when creating freeform quotes or invoices.
v3.0.75 Jun 2012 - New Default Price and Discount Percent columns for Itemized Quotes and Invoices. Can edit column headers.
v3.0.74 Jun 2012 - When adding an item to a quote or invoice, can override the default sales tax and also apply a percentage discount.
v3.0.71 Jun 2012 - Added support for sending Bulk SMS Text Messages, new Reminder intervals '2 weeks' and '3 months', new Job template.
v3.0.70 Apr 2012 - Added support for sending SMS Text Messages
v3.0.69 Apr 2012 - Added support for sending up to 3 attachments when sending or replying to Emails
v3.0.68 Apr 2012 - Added support for new <!nameandcompany!> template tag, new Statement option, multiple Reminder templates.
v3.0.67 Apr 2012 - Added support for not applying Sales Taxes to Labor Charges.
v3.0.66 Apr 2012 - New report of groups, status, tel numbers and email, View an exported report or data file with one click.
v3.0.65 Mar 2012 - Print Envelopes, new preferences, Rename a Group, new built-in group.
v3.0.58 Jan 2012 - Appointments View to easily view existing appointments.
v3.0.57 Jan 2012 - Print Search Results, new template tag for address.
v3.0.56 Dec 2011 - Print Job, new template tags for dates in the future.
v3.0.55 Sept 2011 - Automatically create an Outlook reminder when creating a Job.
v3.0.52 April 2011 - Better support for international address and label formats.
v3.0.51 April 2011 - New right-click menu to mark Quotes as "Invoiced". New Reports to show Quotes not Invoiced.
v3.0.50 April 2011 - Export to MailChimp, new Expenses Report.
v3.0.49 March 2011 - Fix for problem deleting Item from Parts database if it has no Cost Price.
v3.0.48 March 2011 - Record Expenses for a Job. Create a Job from a Quote at the click of a button.
v3.0.47 March 2011 - Jobs enhancements - new Jobs fields Budget and Location, extra Help files
v3.0.46 March 2011 - Can set Email Merge delay between Emails + Emails support more tags
v3.0.45 March 2011 - Much easier to configure shared customer data on a network.
v3.0.44 March 2011 - daily, weekly reminders etc. Sent Emails use Outlook signatures... and more...
v3.0.43 March 2011 - Reminders for Appointments and Tasks have a new option to select 'Just Today' or 'This Week'... and more...
v3.0.42 Feb 2011 - Some access control features have been added... and more...
v3.0.31 Feb 2011 - Today View is now customizable... and more...
v3.0.30 Feb 2011 - now supports Email Merge and Credit Notes... and more...
v3.0.27 Dec 2010 - now supports Jobs and calls using Skype... and more...
v3.0.22 Oct 2010 - new report Sales Taxes and Totals... and more...
v3.0.21 Oct 2010 - address labels can exclude contact name... and more...
v3.0.17 July 2010 - import from spreadsheet supports 10 custom fields... and more...
v3.0.15 July 2010 - now supports Customer Statements
v3.0.14 June 2010 - better support for international address formats
v3.0.12 June 2010 - unit price for an item on a quote can now be updated... and more...
v3.0 Sept 2009
v2.6 Jan 2009
v2.5 Nov 2008
v2.0 July 2008
v1.1 April 2008
v1.0 Nov 2007

As always, new releases of Amphis Customer CRM Invoicing Software are FREE for licensed users. There is no charge for upgrades.

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